Be quick or be dead – true for the Wild West and still true for modern business

Even the best professional in his respective field will likely fail horribly, if he uses outdated and ineffective equipment and resources. Even the best litigation lawyer will be useless to his client, if the client’s case will just not move forward for several months (or more likely years) because numerous formal and factual obstacles prevent the court to rule on the simplest of issues. Let’s face it, a ruling (even if it is a good one) after a decade of waiting, is usually worth as much as the paper it is written on.

The courts in Poland cannot efficiently handle the cases submitted to them. It is not an opinion, it is an objective fact confirmed by the attorneys, by the government and by the judges themselves on various occasions. The legislative attempts to fix the situation have little to no effect (or sometimes even the opposite effect). Adopting a provision saying that the cases are to be handled quick, will not by itself solve the problem. Noteworthy, the struggle with the growing number of cases along with the pressure to handle them quicker does not have the most positive effect on the quality of rulings either.

Therefore, if I am to be useful to my client and his business, the first thing I should do is to try and keep him out of any court, whenever possible. However, if it is not possible to avoid formalised dispute resolution/litigation/debt recovery, I should at least try to use effective tools for the task. That is why we recommend our Clients to submit their potential disputes to resolution by the Ultima Ratio e-court.

On a daily basis we use online stores and online banking. We stream our favourite music and shows and we even meet online. It saves money and it saves time, therefore, it is obviously good for business. It should… or it even it needs to be the same, when it comes to courts.

The goal is obvious – obtaining a binding ruling within several weeks instead of several years. The cases are handled online and generally the procedure is cheaper.

Contrary to a case handled by a regular court, we do not need to meet for hearings. We use written witness testimonies, online hearings and exchange all evidences via an electronic system. The court undertakes to deal with all motions and even expert’s opinions within several days (instead of the usual several months).

The procedure at Ultima Ratio is focused on eliminating or minimizing to the maximum possible extend all generally recognized sources of obstacles for a quick dispute resolution.

Lightning fast dispute resolution and efficient recovery of debts is something we at DT Gdynia highly appreciate and wish for our Clients. Therefore, we have started discussions with our Client’s on implementing the necessary relevant arbitration clause in the forms of contracts they use. It is really high time to make the next step in this field. Do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

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